Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wreath-Making: Day 3

I decorated only four wreaths today; I worked slowly because my hand is beginning to bother me. I feel little pings and twinges in the area I injured during wreath-decorating last year and there's some swelling. If I'm no better tomorrow, I'll find other tasks to do. But the last day is always the craziest and the most fun.

I swear these wreaths look better in person. The camera does strange things to the green sprays we add to fluff up the wreaths — or at least I hope they don't really look this wild and furry:

This morning, I took this picture of finished wreaths waiting for delivery. A lot of the decorators are incredibly talented and I envy their creativity and skill. 

In other news, I watched Harris biting Toffee's paws as they popped out from under the door this morning. It was hilarious; Toffee is a glutton for punishment... or very lonely behind his door. I assume Toffee bites Harry, too, but Toffee does seem a little more polite. Although he likes to bite us sometimes. I cry in my most kitten-y voice when he does it and he stops and licks me instead. Toffee was sitting in the window as I left this morning, looking remarkably cute even from a distance.

We found out that Toffee has giardia, a little protozoan parasite, that is disgusting to contemplate but not nearly so disgusting and terror-inducing as, say, ringworm. Toffee will need long courses of a couple of medications. One is a liquid he'll get twice a day by syringe for two-week stretches, and the other is a powder we'll mix in his food. He's had one dose of each and, so far, so good. I hope he doesn't start hating us. It's a relief to have a diagnosis; now we can help him feel better. But he'll need to wait until Sunday or Monday to formally meet his cat family — and how prudent we were to isolate him! He'll still have to use his own litter box and stay in his room when we're not around to supervise, but it will be nice for him to get to know his charming kitten-brother playmate, his Norwegian big brother, and his hysterical, paranoid calico sister (Who Thinks He Might Cause Her to Die).

Because we only adopted him a week ago, his medications were paid for by the Animal Rescue League, which is generous of them. I went over there tonight to pick them up at their clinic, and took the opportunity to thank the shelter staff for making it possible to adopt him. I told them that we were madly in love with him and they were happy to hear it.

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