Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3:25 PM

I took photos of all four felines in the same minute this afternoon. It was a quiet moment but most of them were looking picturesque:

Possum the Patriarch, as we call him, although he's only 3, 
thinking deep thoughts, as usual.

Toffee had his 55th and 56th doses of worming antibiotic today; 
he's finally finished, although I think he was cured weeks ago.
Harris discovered the joys of a trickling bathroom sink faucet this morning, and got all wet.

Wendy, just roused from her nap, considers airing a few more of her grievances.

As for me, I had my first physical therapy session yesterday for the multiple aches and pains that run from my waist, lower back, and hips to my knees, shins, and calves; as with most PT, it was often painful but in a good way. I had my very first acupuncture treatment today. In 2013, I am trying to keep an open mind about things I don't understand. The needles felt strange but interesting, in indescribable ways; lying there in that condition was oddly relaxing, though. I was sorry to learn that almost all of my mainstay foods, including bananas, peanut butter, cow's milk, most cheese, all raw vegetables, and cold drinks are contributing to my problems, according to Chinese medicine. Finding other things to eat will prove much more challenging than becoming a pincushion once a week.


  1. Several thoughts...Toffee and Harry are Adorable together. Buddies. Prof. Crossypaws is regal as ever and it is nice to see Only-child-in-waiting Wendy. She is a very pretty cat!!
    Now, on to your food list...WHAT? peanut butter is bad for us?? I live for PB. Please tell more when you find out why...I am interested. (hugs to your kitties from dau. Jen and I)

  2. Ahhh....the elusive and enigmatic Wendy. So nice to see her!


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