Friday, January 18, 2013

Annals of Stupidity 2013: Starting Early This Year

All day yesterday, as I walked around the apartment in a pair of thick black socks, I wondered at how cold the floor felt on my soles. "These socks must be getting thin," I thought. "Gee, it must be freezing outside because the floor feels so cold."

Sitting at the table after dinner, I put my right ankle over my left knee and finally discovered a hole the size of a half-dollar in the heel of my sock. Sure enough, there was a matching hole in the other sock. 

What the heck.

It wouldn't have mattered except that I'd had a physical therapy session in the morning, where I lay on the table in my stocking feet as the therapist did painful things to my shins and calves. How embarrassing! Cringe. 

I wonder what she thought. I won't have a chance to ask her until I see her next week.

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