Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crimes of the Bath (Developing)

We awoke up to mayhem this morning. In the night, an emotionally unstable roll of tissue had apparently gone berserk and unfurled itself into a mess on the bathroom floor:

We were very grateful that none of the cats had been injured during the roll's suicidal unraveling. 

Later that morning, Mr. Toffee practiced mountain-climbing on the lace curtains. Like Sherlock Holmes, he can be very annoying when he is bored. 

His exploits were too wild and short-lived for me to document with my slow camera, but I did get this photo of him preparing to launch himself:

Mr. Toffee likes to reflect on recent criminal developments even as he is devising catastrophes of his own. After rappelling down the curtains one last time, he suggested to Mr. Harris that a cat may have been, in fact, responsible for the bathroom carnage.

Mr Harris has an investigative mind. He quickly got down to business, identifying two possible suspects:

(This story is developing.)


  1. Hilarious. Bad little kittens but too cute to scold.

    As always, my cats and I enjoy your posts so much. One of my cats (a stray who adopted us five years ago) looks exactly like Toffee and is very sweet and intelligent. I wish though that we had had the foresight to add another kitten to our brood as you did - our two older cats pretty much ignore her. Very sad. A kitten needs another kitten to play with. And a brother like Possum.

    from Joyce, Oscar, Zoey, and Amelia the Toffee-like stray.

  2. It is possible that Duchess Poppy was there for a visit. She has a serious toilet paper habit.

  3. PB: I was going to comment earlier in the week re: the "Sponge Soup Incident" that I felt sure it was the sponge itself to blame, and NOT those absolutely angelic kittens. Sponges do like water after all, and I deduced yours was just feeling blue (OK, purple). Now, with the suicidal TP as well, I'm doubly sure the inanimate objects in your home are off-kilter. But, Toffee and Harris may well be right to about those two grinning suspects. Perhaps Toffee and Harris are really Holmes and Watson?

  4. Anonymous, maybe Amelia would like a young-adult pal to get into trouble with. There are lots of adult-looking cats between 1 and 2 years old in shelters who still have plenty of kitten in them... but not too much.

    Penny, Poppy may have been tutoring the perpetrator(s) of the crime because I know she does email.

    4catstoo: You are probably right about that sponge, which has a melodramatic air about it and likes to soak up attention as well as water.


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