Monday, January 7, 2013


Harris was a good sport about being taken to the hospital, stuffed full of drugs, and X-rayed even though it was Toffee who'd eaten their toy. Harris is always a good sport; he's a perfect kitten, as advertised: smart and sweet, playful and loving. (And not nearly as BAD as Toffee, I have to say, although Bad Cats also have their points.) It's time our Harry received some attention after Toffee's been hogging the spotlight, so here he is: big-eared, handsome, and always happy to pose for the camera.

We've been adding omega-3 oil to the cats' supper, and I think it's changed Harris's coat. When Toffee arrived, we noticed that his fur was exceptionally soft, while Harris's had a much rougher texture, which is normal for a kitten's coat. Now Harris is just about as silky as Toffee, even though he still has his kitten fur. And his tail keeps getting longer and fluffier. It has always been too big for him, just like his feet and his ears. 

It will be interesting to see what he looks like when he grows up — will he turn out big and fluffy like Possum, with an impressive ruff? Or will he be sleek and shorter-haired, with just a fancy plumed tail? I can't help half-wishing he'd stay as tiny and adorable as he is now. But even though he's going to turn into a big, magnificent cat, maybe sooner than I'd like, I think he'll stay as charming as he is now.

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  1. My daughter Jennifer and I decided that it is Harry's little pink nose surrounded by all that white fur that help give him that sweet precious face. I am a sucker for pink noses. I would have to call him Sweet Pea too. (I would end up calling them all Sweet Pea, like the vet did to Toffee)


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