Thursday, January 31, 2013


When Toffee isn't trying to destroy our apartment, Harris, or himself, he will lie in our arms, on his back, purring loudly. Toffee believes this will be his Get-Out-of-Jail card for eternity, and he is correct:

Harris believes that if you wish hard enough, you become invisible so no one can see that you are in a forbidden spot. He is continually proven incorrect but he keeps trying:

Wendy believes that the FBI is after her for allegedly stealing her enormous tail from a purebred cat. Wendy is incorrect, but that doesn't stop me from telling her that I won't turn her in if she'll just let me pet her. I'll stoop to anything to win her favor. 

Possum has been troubled ever since we told him the plot of the movie Lincoln. Since Possum, like all cats, can't fathom history very well, he believes that Lincoln was assassinated recently and he was also shocked to discover the Civil War. Possum needs to stick to studying art history from now on. 


  1. A quartet of thoughtful gorgeousness!

  2. Such a sweet innocent face on Sir Toffee. If you look close, you can see him pondering/plotting what else he can get into to make Ferbuary not so dull ;) Wendy sure is beautiful. Too bad she isnt a snuggle bunny, she sure looks the part. Hugs to her, Professor Crossypaws and the 2 little boys. May they keep your February interesting.


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