Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recent Kitten Adorableness

Harris and Toffee are so photogenic that I should keep my camera in my hand at all times. Here are a few recent shots. Toffee's burned toes are peeling now and I think they bother him, so we're still giving him pain medicine. Even so, he's very playful, even attacking Possum, who is more than three times his size. Possum just puts his big, benevolent paw on Toffee's little head as if to say, "Fuhgetaboutit."

Harris was playing under the tree the other night and Toffee was sitting, watching. Toffee began gesturing with both of his paws in turn, something I've never seen a cat do. A friend who was visiting said he looked like an Italian. We think he was directing Harris or vicariously playing.

Toffee has been watching Downton Abbey, which originally aired before he was born, but he also enjoys football and laundry:

Our wonderful vet knitted catnip mice for the kittens this year and they were excited to get them. Toffee growled over his. He bit it and shook it, to kill it properly:

Meanwhile, Harris displayed a phenomenon known as Airplane Ears over his new mouse. Harry's ears are catching up to his giant feet, but the rest of him is still a baby.

Yesterday I heard a ruckus in the kitchen. Harry had taken one of Wendy's favorite green sparkle balls:


This little guy is completely carefree and innocent, and we plan to keep him that way.

Perhaps my New Year's resolution (I'm late and I don't care) should be to learn how to have that much fun with something that simple. (Are diamonds "simple"?)

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  1. Upon looking at Harris and his "growing" ears, my first thought was how much he looked like the Flying Nun!


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