Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow and Frosting

We awoke to a snowstorm and it seemed like a good day to hunker down inside the apartment.

Then we heard that a Crumbs Bake Shop kiosk had just opened in the Prudential Center, a couple of blocks from where we live. Previously, a Crumbs softball-sized cupcake was almost exactly 5,000 steps from my door — not a trek to be taken lightly, but also an enticing destination for a 5-mile walk. Now it's closer than the post office. We are doomed. So we figured we'd might as well make the best of it and succumb early. We went and gawked at all the fancy flavors, tried some samples, and bought one cupcake to split, in our favorite flavor, Monkey Business (banana cupcake with banana cream-cheese filling, caramel frosting, caramel-swirl topping, rolled in toffee bits).

Even half a cupcake seemed almost criminally decadent. I'm not sure if this new Crumbs will turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing about living in this neighborhood. My jeans will let me know if I have sufficient willpower. (I did survive Krispy Kreme when they had a shop in the Pru.)

In other news, Possum and Harris shared the velvet armchair for a nap tonight. They are such good friends, and look so sweet together. We're delighted that our males get along beautifully. Aside from a few daily petting sessions with my husband, Wendy keeps mostly to herself, even though the kittens are either deferential or oblivious to her as they play together. She watched me brush Harry and Toffee while she was on the bed near them and me this afternoon. They both enjoyed it; she observed this closely. Then I offered to brush her, and away she flew. After three years with us, I don't think she realizes that she is Our Cat, too, with all the rights and privileges that brings.

Oh, well. Wendy keeps things interesting.

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  1. I was hoping to see a pic of the cupcake too - guess it didn't last long enough :)


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