Friday, January 11, 2013

Sock Snatcher ID'ed

I've been leaving my socks all over the floor and, sure enough, this morning I saw him dragging a knee sock from the bedroom toward the kitchen. He kept tripping over it but he was determined. I rescued it before it became sock soup in the water dish.

In other news, we refinanced our mortgage today. For years we were getting marketing packets about "zero-cost refinancing" from our mortgage company in fancy overnight mail envelopes. And I kept throwing them out, figuring that we were going to be moving in the next year or so, so why go to the trouble? Finally I called, partly out of curiosity, since it sounded like a scam, partly to ask them to stop bombarding us with junk mail, and partly because we've been house-hunting for three years and I think we could easily look for three to five more years before we find some old wreck that suits us.

The mortgage company made us an offer I couldn't refuse. And it was absurdly easy. I completed most of the application by answering questions during that same phone call. I was surprised when actual paperwork arrived; I was still half-convinced it was a scam. We had to sign and return a few forms by fax (so the refinancing did cost us about $4 in fax charges), and that was it. Then we waited about six weeks to be processed and approved.

This morning, a nice fellow from the mortgage company, who lives on a houseboat in East Boston (and likes cats), rang our bell. We three sat down, and Harris and Toffee kept us company on the table as we signed and initialed about fifty sheets of paper. And that was that. It really didn't cost us a cent to refinance; all the fees were credited back to us. I still suspect in my heart of hearts that it's a scam, but until we end up sobbing on 60 Minutes, we'll save a few hundred dollars a month — and much of it will go towards the cost of the best cat food I can find. More on that subject later.

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  1. Congrats on 2 things...saving $$ each month and for ID-ing the quiet, sneaky, little sock snatcher. Toffee is much more bold and in your face with the things he does. Maybe some of the savings can go toward new cat toys!! (the one with no strings attached ;)


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