Monday, January 21, 2013

This and That

◊  Yes, my physical therapist noticed the giant holes in both of my socks last week. She said it was "no big deal" when I asked her. But she remembered.

◊  Are we in mourning for the Patriots? Not much. Just a bit. It was a terrible game and they didn't deserve to win. I think we should get that Pollard fellow on our team so he'll stop injuring our best players.

◊  Both kittens have discovered the bathroom sink:

A drippy faucet is a big thrill for Harris, who likes to get wet. He has scientific curiosity and can spend half an hour investigating, fascinated. Toffee likes to go where Harris goes, but I think his interests are more literary. He watches Downton Abbey with attention. Perhaps he is an English Toffee.

◊  We saw Lincoln at the Kendall Square Cinema. We were warned that there was a problem with the heat in that theater, but we decided to tough it out. We wore our coats (and hats and gloves) while our feet froze. The characters also felt the cold; in many scenes, they were bundled into topcoats or huddled near the fireplace as they talked. If you enjoy hearing fine actors handling long, eloquent speeches, this is a film for you. Daniel Day-Lewis made unexpected choices — as you'd expect from him — and Sally Field managed to portray Mary Todd as a sympathetic character. Jared Harris was a surprise as Ulysses S. Grant, a big stretch from his pathetic Lane Pryce on Mad Men. Tommy Lee Jones stole each of his scenes as abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens. It was a Spielberg film so there were some maudlin, implausible touches that detracted from the story's power, but it was still a pleasure to hear so many actors making good use of the English language.

◊  We visited a couple of pet stores over the weekend (Fish + Bone on Newbury Street, Stinky's in Somerville) looking for brands on the Natural Cat Care Blog's Best Cat Foods List. The only canned food I found from was Nature's Variety Instinct, which we already buy by the case. Although it didn't make the list, I bought a few cans of By Nature Organics. I just discovered that it has menadione dimethylpyrimidinol bisulfite, which is a controversial, potentially toxic form of vitamin K. So that's probably why it's not on the list. (Sorry cats, I know you found it tasty.) There are some good frozen raw options available locally, so I'll buy one or two of those to try this week. I'll also be checking out the options at Brookline Grooming and Polka Dog.

◊  We also visited Mayflower Poultry in Cambridge, recommended by Penny of Boston Zest. These cheerful gentleman have seen it all in terms of requests for raw foods for cats and dogs, and make custom grinds of chicken, turkey, duck, and other animals. I will order from them if we decide we can handle making our own food. I'm still looking into the necessary supplements, costs, and logistics. I'd want to use a "complete" supplement so I don't have to spend time piercing vitamin capsules and so on. I've also been staring into our tiny freezer, packed with chicken stock, ravioli, homemade soups, vegetables, and other staples. I don't see how I can part with all that to make room for cat food if we're to feed ourselves too.

◊  The January sales are getting better. J. Crew is now offering 40% off items already marked down, and free shipping if you spend $100. They renew their stock in the wee hours, so early morning is the best time to shop. I just bought my winter-hating husband an English tweed topcoat lined with Thinsulate. It was $150, originally $455. And I can't resist a cashmere sweater (or two) on clearance every winter, so I ordered this for me:

◊  The Trader Joe's on Memorial Drive in Cambridge still had about a dozen tubs of (sweet and addictive) Candy Cane Cookies left as of Saturday afternoon. I was amazed to see them but restrained myself, buying just two. The customers at that store seem very chatty. As I waited in line, the guy in front of me dashed off to buy some Fancy Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese while I held his spot. He returned and we exclaimed about how good it is, which convinced the guy behind me to dash off to get a bag for his chili. Then he started proselytizing for Chocolate Covered Chocolate Chip Dunkers. Chatty store.

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  1. We just got a TJ's here about 6 months ago. This one can be chatty too, kind of nice tho. I like the 2 buck chuck, even if it isnt 2 bucks anymore. I need to try some of your suggestions. My Beans hasnt found the drippy sink yet, I am too stingy to let the water run just for him (sorry Beans).
    Do you find the diets you are looking for to be more expensive than say Hills S.D. or Iams?? I have to watch my $$ but am not realy happy w/ what is in them so am reading your blog w/much interest of the cat food. (and enjoying the rest of it because I just like what you write and think your cats are the coolest)


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