Sunday, January 6, 2013

Toffee Today

We had no trips to the ER today. Instead, Possum and Toffee had a cat-to-kitten talk. Possum told Toffee he had to be more cautious, because he has only nine lives, and he may be down to seven after this week. Toffee was aghast, Possum reported, because he had heard from Wendy that he was immortal.

Possum also explained to Toffee that we don't listen to Christmas music all year long. Since Toffee arrived after Thanksgiving, he had no idea that our taste doesn't always run to "Frosty the Snowman" by The Roches and Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby." Soon, Possum said, the tree, decorations, and Christmas playlist would go away, and we'd play other music again, from baroque guitar to Adele, with plenty of Beatles tunes, The Clash, and U2.

Toffee was relieved. It seems he's a Nick Drake fan, so he'll be happy.

Toffee anticipates the surfer guitar music of Dick Dale.

Toffee also enjoys classic Bob Dylan songs.


  1. The first photo here is such a striking visual of personality distinctions. Toffee, the 'wild child', ready for action! And Possum, the serene and benevolent elder.
    On a separate note, I love how your magenta wallpaper and font coordinates with the colors of your sofa. Altogether, a lovely framing for your little subjects.

  2. Have you considered taking the photos for a 365 day cat calendar for one of your favorite cat rescue groups?

  3. I've been away and missed all the action. Thank goodness they're alright. You must be exhausted.

  4. Glad to see Toffee is feeling better!


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