Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Toffee Update

Toffee seems fine after yesterday's terrifying cooktop incident. It could have been much worse, I know, but it was bad enough. My traumatized husband poured himself a glass of sherry and declared himself useless for doing any academic work (it's normal for him to work on New Year's Eve, Christmas, and even during NFL playoff games). The rest of the evening passed quietly, except for the racket from those nasty plastic horns outside.

We're giving Toffee pain medication although I'm not sure he needs it; even this morning, hours after he was due for a dose, he was running, jumping, and being himself.

He had trashed Possum's apartment last night as we slept. He not only tore out Possum's blue "carpeting," he removed the entire floor and collapsed the roof. Possum was aghast at this rockstar-style behavior.

Possum tries to be philosophical as he surveys his wrecked apartment.

I put everything back together, but before Possum could settle in, Toffee beat him to it:

Note: Toffee's pads are naturally pink and black; his burns are not visible here.

Possum exacts retribution after Toffee's vandalism.

I thank my wise readers who suggested leaving a pots with water on hot burners, a simple, common-sensical idea that hadn't quite occurred to me... I'd gotten as far as the pot, but not the water to protect it.

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