Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard of '13

It snowed all night and was still snowing hard about an hour ago. The snow is much finer now but still accumulating, coming down steadily. Here's the view from our window this morning. The splatters at the bottom are ice on the window; the snow on the walkways is untouched:

I took this one around midnight:

And again this morning around 10 am:

I don't know if Toffee remembers his babyhood outside on the streets of Dorchester, but he should be grateful that some splendid person rescued him last November. I hate to think of cats, or any furry creature, trying to survive outside in this:

As always, Possum has the right idea. Later on, we'll join him on the sofa to read if he'll make room for us. But we're also planning to go out to experience the snow firsthand. More photos to come.

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