Monday, February 25, 2013

Double Vision

We've had Harris for nearly four months now, and Toffee for almost three. We're besotted, we're fascinated, we can't imagine life without them. I miss Snicky and Snalbert, who were old and fragile but still doing well at this time last year. Heck, I miss Bunnelina, who died in 2009. But missing them is much less painful with all these other warm, purring bodies lying around.

I've come to realize that the cats we've lost don't seem as "far away and gone forever" when we've let other cats take over their favorite chairs. While we will never love two cats the same way, there's always a surprising amount of room for a new cat in our affections, if we're brave and willing. When we open our door to a needy cat, we honor all the others we've loved — and we truly keep their memory alive.

Sometimes, I see a hint of a long-lost cat in one of the kittens. Often, from the back, Toffee looks just like a tiny, longhaired, long-winded tabby I had until the early '90s, named Truffalo.

How I love seeing Toffee from the back. I never thought I'd catch a glimpse of Truffalo again, but here he is:

Déjà vu.

I've been persuaded that the new cats come with the blessings of the ones who left us. I am so glad we are back to having four again, just like old times.

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