Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Follow the Dancing Dot

I've always thought that laser pointers were the most mean-spirited cat toys, since the poor creatures will run themselves to exhaustion chasing the red dot but never have the satisfaction of catching it.

I've been outvoted. Toffee, Harris, and even Wendy love chasing the laser dot a few times a day. Harris and Toffee will dash from room to room, run in zig-zag patterns and circles, leap up walls and doors, and happily wear themselves out in pursuit of the fiendish red light.

Possum, however, agrees with me. He has no interest in laser dots except during art history lectures.

Here he is, perfectly nonchalant as the laser dot rests enticingly between his paws. Immediately after I took this, he had a genial smackdown with Harris and Toffee, who were still desperately hoping that their Impossible Dream was lurking near him on the sofa.

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