Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quiet Valentine's Day

It's a silly holiday and we have never celebrated it, although we did get engaged on Valentine's Day, 16 years ago. It was quite a shock, that ring appearing out of nowhere, after so-so cheeseburgers in a crowded, non-descript bar in Jamaica Plain. I was so stunned that I allegedly never said "Yes." So the dude had to propose all over again the next day. I came home to find him waiting in his tuxedo, and he got down on one knee after seating me on the sofa... romantic! So we'll be going out for dinner tomorrow night, when the little neighborhood restaurant we like has returned to its normal menu and we can have what we like instead of the pricey, prix-fixe V.D. special. The day after Valentine's Day is our proper holiday.

We've never told Possum about our strange engagement and I hope he never asks. He'd probably be mortified, not because it wasn't some elegant, extravagant, or highly creative occasion, but because there wasn't any fish.

The six of us spent tonight quietly, everyone working, napping, or both. I just started another script-writing project for the museum. Last night I discovered that excerpts from my scripts are occasionally posted on the museum's Facebook page. I was reading a somewhat interesting little paragraph there last night — it seemed like news to me at first. And then I realized I'd written it. Made me laugh. Everything I read — and write — seems to go in one eye and out the other. At this rate, when I'm really old, I should be able to entertain myself for years with just a couple of chapters of Jane Austen.

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