Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowy Saturday in Back Bay

Here are some photos I took yesterday. We walked around the neighborhood for about an hour and that was plenty since the wind was still blowing hard and snow had poured swiftly into my knee-high boots as I walked down our unshoveled front steps. 

Pedestrians had taken over the streets during the driving ban and there was a cheerful mood as everyone were all slip-sliding, taking photos, and dodging the occasional car or plow. We ran into a few people we knew, and then we bought the last of the skim milk and bread (Iggy's pecan rolls, not complaining) at Deluca's after we discovered that Trader Joe's was closed. 

We were happy to come home and get warm and dry. As I was downloading my photos, I noticed that about 15 of them were missing. My SD card must be corrupted; I spent much of the afternoon and evening running various "free-trial" data recovery programs to see what they could retrieve. I managed to recover several images eventually. If this happens again, I must remember to buy SanDisk Rescue Pro because it that worked best.

Today was our real "snow day" as we didn't leave the house and I barely left the sofa except to cook, eat, and check email. (That novel I'd said was boring, Time and Again, has gotten interesting.)

Snowy tree and rooftop icicles; I was happy to rescue this photo from my corrupted disk.

Marlborough Street: pretty, white, and mostly impassable.

But there's a [slippery] sidewalk under there somewhere.

Shoveling went on all day and well into the night.

We overheard someone say that the people roaming the snowy streets reminded them of zombies.

Walking down the middle of Newbury Street with the occasional biker. Joe's and Stephanie's were open and looked busy.

Plowing Dartmouth Street at Copley Square.

Commonwealth Avenue, looking timeless without cars

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  1. Beautiful! I love blizzards (weird, I know). I actually drove north INTO Snowpocalypse 2010 (hit the mid-Atlantic) on purpose because I wanted to get snowed in. We got 3' of snow and up to 6' high drifts. Walking in the snow covered, quiet streets is one of my favorite things to do.

    Thanks for sharing!


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