Tuesday, March 5, 2013

As Predicted

The kittens must be reading this blog, and I guess I should be glad someone is.

Just last week, I speculated about how soon they'd figure out that mantels are good places to hang out. And lo:

Toffee sniffed the roses and decided to take a few bites. A nibble would be one thing, but he was chowing down, proving he's a danger to himself, the way Snalbert was with flowers. But Snalbert never tried to jump onto the mantel. My final fresh bouquet is now safely in the refrigerator. I'm trying to focus on the money I'll be saving from now on.

It's just a matter of time before Little Harris figures out how to get up there.

I came home this afternoon to find Toffee rolling the most valuable item on the mantel, a Josh Simpson planet, on the floor by the front door. Undamaged. 

The mantel is much less cluttered with glass spheres now, but that newly freed-up real estate will soon be occupied by a pair of lounging tabbies. And then poor Possum will have to exert himself, too.


  1. I for one, love reading what the little ones are doing. Possum is the coolest and Wendy needs more face time. I agree completly with your horror on how some have decorated and cnanged some of the beautiful old houses you featured. I too read Robins blog. I remember Harry as Charly. (I also read Rolling Dog Farm blog and Ray, The Blind Dog.)
    Blog on.
    ps...i am glad your glass globe survived the decent from the mantle.

  2. You may have to put all of the stationary valuables in a glass-doored cabinet and simply enjoy your new floofy tailed 'performance art' mantelpieces!

  3. But look how well the mantel shows the fluffy tail to such beautiful advantage!

  4. BTW. what is the beautiful painting above the mantle?? with the river running thru it.

  5. Anne, it's called "Moonlight Sonata" by a New Hampshire artist, Dennis Sheehan. We splurged on it about ten years ago, deciding it would be cheaper than therapy to have such a tranquil landscape to look at all the time.

  6. Harris, helpful kitten that he has proven to be, is simply dusting off errant Toffee's paw prints!

    These two kittens out rascal our Luca.



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