Thursday, March 21, 2013

Give Me Liberty

I checked out J. Crew's "Liberty London" collection recently and thought I'd share it. I like their bright colors and springy, '60's mood. They have the same appeal as a mixed bouquet or a blooming window box, and many of us New Englanders are craving gardens (whether our own or our neighbors') at this time of year.

I seldom wear prints but I enjoy seeing them on other people. And William Morris fabrics are always hard to resist. While I deciding whether I was too cheap/sensible/broke to buy the Morris "Strawberry Thief" ball cap ($78), it sold out. It's okay — I decided I was all three.

Click here and you can browse the Liberty collection. There's a lot more, including swimwear and items for girls. The leather-trimmed tote, below, is meant for girls but could work for women. There are also ties and pocket squares for men.

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