Sunday, March 31, 2013

Homesick Harris?

Exploring the forbidden territory of my husband's desk, Harris just hit the answering machine button and played the message I've been saving since October, when Robin from Kitten Associates announced that we'd been approved to adopt him. We still had to get through a phone interview and the visit to her house successfully, but hearing her message still makes me happy. And she sounds so happy herself. I'm never erasing that message. It was the feline equivalent of the test strip turning blue.

Are you homesick for Kitten Associates, Harris? Do you miss Robin, Sam, Spencer, Buttons, and the fabulous raw diet they gave you there? I'm sorry, pal, but you're stuck here with us. We can't part with you and your winning ways. Possum would never forgive me, Toffee needs his accomplice, and even Wendy likes it when you chase her. I'm already worrying about our summer trips to Maine because it will be so hard to be away from you and the rest of the furry crew. I might need to tuck you in my suitcase.

Little Harris, aka "Pixie Face"


  1. Oh sweet Harris! Buttons is sitting on my shoulder pleased that you have a most wonderful home!

  2. Oh my goodness! Wow! Thank you so much for writing, Kelly!

    Harris will be so happy to hear from his favorite brother! We were sorely tempted to adopt Buttons, too, but didn't want to overwhelm our feral Wendy with two kittens at once.

    Harris likes to jump in our laps but he doesn't sit on our shoulders. He will stretch up to put his paws there, but it's usually because he likes to nurse on our earlobes. Does Buttons do that, too?

    We feel so lucky to have Harris. Donna and her family, and then Robin and Sam, gave us one of the greatest gifts we can imagine!

  3. Hello! Buttons doesn't nurse on my ears but he does like to chew on my hair when he is wanting to burrow in. My hair stylist does not find it nearly as endearing as I! I so enjoy your writing and pictures. I tell Buttons all about Harris and his adventures with Toffee and Possum. I can't quite get him to appreciate the pictures as much as I do. I think he is a bit envious. He would get Toffee into all kinds of trouble I am sure!

  4. Awwwww!!!!!! I doubt Harris is homesick. His home with you is far more wonderful than anything we could provide for him. We did our job and got him off to a good start. His foster mom, Donna is the BEST and she's the one who stepped up to rescue Harris and his family (and who still has Harris' sister, Pinky and mom, Winnie). We are so lucky you put up with all our c-r-a-p to adopt from us. We will never take that for granted. And oh..I think George is getting adopted so you better come over quick and get him! :-)


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