Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Operation Stickum

I'm getting tired of telling Harris and Toffee to get "DOWN! DOWN! DOWN! DOWN!" from the kitchen counters. So we've commenced Operation Stickum. Of course, as soon as the painters' tape went down, sticky-side up, the kittens stopped jumping. So far Harris has given himself only one taste of sticky feet. I doubt it was enough, although he was not amused, doing a little dance before jumping down.

I imagined that having barely any usable counter space would be annoying and difficult but it turns out that I've always had barely any counter space, so having even less is barely noticeable.

I wonder if I should try this on the mantel....


  1. Hi. Greetings from a Canadian reader. I enjoy your blog very much. I came to it via Covered in Cat Hair.

    One of my cats persists in jumping up on the counters. I have not tried the sticky tape, but I keep the edges of the counters lined with empty plastic containers (yogurt & ice cream types). When I need the counter space, I stack the containers together and then put them back when I am done. I now realize how lucky I was that my previous cat was not a counter jumper or at least a very infrequent one.

  2. I am also grateful my cat is not a jumper. The things I've been able to get away with because of her distaste for hard surfaces!


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