Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Toffee helped me subdue the curtains yesterday. Together we herded them into the washer:

The kittens had no interest in helping me polish the silver, but Harris befriended the Swiffer and "helped" me dust the walls. It's amazing how dirty walls get. It's also amazing that I see no improvement when all that dirt is gone.

Harris also tried to "help" by attacking my disgusting old lambswool duster-on-a-pole as I went over window frames and so on. Please note that I'm just listlessly going through the motions of a major cleaning, not doing a thorough job. I hate cleaning. I can only stand so much. For example, I'm not doing the outer windows; I'm not capable of standing outside on a narrow window ledge, risking death. I'm also not washing the wooden floors since we have too much heavy furniture to move and they never get really clean and shiny when I attempt it anyway. (I might call the cleaning service we've used a couple of times, after construction and other disasters. But I'd rather just move.)

Today I've got to do the rest of the dusting, wash the bedskirt and coverlet, and clean the kitchen and bathroom. Ugh. Tomorrow, there's still vacuuming and brushing the furniture to remove fur (an almost-daily chore around here). Then I'm calling it quits. Possibly forever.

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