Monday, April 8, 2013

A Glimpse of Wendy

It's hard to photograph Wendy as she has a tendency to run for cover whenever we take notice of her. She's a strange girl, not entirely "feral" and incredibly sweet — in the three-plus years we've had her, she has yet to hiss or growl at us (I can't say the same for her early reactions to the kittens). Nor she has bitten or scratched any of us (except when kicking her back legs to escape from being groomed, which I consider involuntary).

Despite being so skittish, she spends time each day lying on her back, purring loudly as my husband rubs her belly, eyes closed, paws waving in the air. This can only happen in designated spots — bed, leather armchair — at designated times, on Wendy's schedule. I'm also permitted to pet her briefly when she's on the bed. Otherwise, we can't get near her. We've long considered her our Greta Garbo, elusive and more prized because of it.

Here is a rare shot of Wendy, who briefly allowed me to capture her calico beauty:


  1. She is very beautiful. Hi Wendy!

  2. She is a Beautiful cat!! I wish she were more snuggly....she looks like she would feel so good to give a big snuggle to.

  3. She's so beautiful!! I just want to give her a snuggle!

  4. Thank you Wendy for coming out of hiding long enough for mom to get a photo of you....You have fans out here. ( ought to give your people a chance to give you some nice chin scratchies, a gentle pet down your back, you may find they aren't half bad and that you enjoy it...just say'n)


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