Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Pinterest Sampler

Here are some intriguing images from the people I follow on Pinterest. I'm still having a very good time there every day.

It's Harris and Toffee:

In the library © Maija LAAKSONEN (Artist, Finland) aka moussee via DeviantArt

Igneous rocks formed from lava flows of the Archaean era (>2,700 million years ago) are often found to contain disequilibrium-textured crystals characterized by spherulitic, branching or dendritic morphologies that occur in layers near the flow surface.

Detail, The Ghent Altarpiece, 1432, Jan van Eyck

1857–60 court ensemble, Italian. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Alice Roosevelt, 1891

Roman Pool at the Hearst Castle

Decorative bindings 

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