Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ah, Well

Here we are, in a "green and pleasant land, just arrived after an uneventful flight and in need of rest and tea.

I forgot to pack my contact lenses, which isn't much of a tragedy since I see better with glasses and am more comfortable. But I will miss my sunglasses since England is very bright and sunny. Dammit. I was distracted as I was cleaning my lenses before packing them; Harris knocked a bottle of melatonin onto the kitchen floor and the top popped open and pills spilled out. To my horror, he was about to dig into them as I ran in, and Toffee and Possum were on their way in, too. I shooed and yelled, and then gathered all the pills to count them. I'd taken three and there were 177 left. None were inside Harris. I found out later that melatonin isn't toxic to cats; it can help them sleep when they are anxious or in pain.

Beware of those green bottles of supplements with the flip tops. They are neither child- nor cat-proof.

We are currently outside London, where my husband has some business; we head to the city  tomorrow. I think we'll be spending much of our time in museums, where sunglasses are unnecessary.

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  1. Get lots of sun on those eyeballs and you will be on local time in no time! I'm so jealous! I've been across the pond a number of times in the spring or fall and have never been wet or cold. I look forward to your posts and pics....have a splendid time!!


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