Sunday, April 14, 2013


I took a bubble bath tonight, the first since Harris and Toffee arrived. They are both interested when we take showers, and Toffee has even walked around the rim of the tub to the inside wall, risking a soaking, when he's been with me. They love jumping into the wet tub afterward, leaving footprints on our old wood floors.

The kittens were more suspicious of the bubbles. Harris was braver and encountered them first. I put some bubbles on the rim of the tub and he stood on his hind legs and took a swipe at them, getting bubbles on his nose. He made a face and retreated. He did this a couple more times, swatting at the bubbles that landed on the floor long after they'd vanished. I looked over the side of the tub and he gazed back with a bitter expression. Bubbles are lousy toys, according to Harris. Less rewarding than a laser beam.

Toffee was entranced by the bubbles but cautious, staring from a distance with huge, black, dilated pupils. He stood to investigate, balancing delicately with one paw as he took slow practice swings with the other, waving his paw nowhere near the bubbles on the tub rim. He finally made contact and survived. Then he decided to taste them.*

I tried some, too; they tasted very faintly of Philsophy's grapefruit scent. Toffee took quite a few nibbles, swiped bravely at the bubbles that floated in the tub, and quickly grew jaded. Bath bubbles are not fascinating for long, I learned, but I will get a wand and try blowing soap bubbles for the cats one of these days.

I opened the drain. It started glugging loudly; both kittens took off but quickly returned when they heard the shower. They left little wet prints all over the floor.

* Toffee is adventurous in his eating habits. He steals milk from our glasses and eats roses if I'm not careful. He also likes chevre, Gruy√®re, cheddar, mozzarella, Robiola, and American cheeses, as does Harris. I finally have the makings of a working Cheese Patrol after Wendy and Possum proved to be such disappointments. Toffee is also interested in bread, cookies, and cakes. Researchers claim they have proven that cats can't taste or appreciate sweet things. I say cats are smarter than those researchers. Cats know that, if we swallow that theory, we'll leave more cookies and muffins lying around to be nibbled.


  1. Hoping you and your husband are okay after such a tragic day. I hope your cats are giving you some extra snuggles tonight. Buttons sends some too. My thoughts are with you, and everyone in Boston. Kelly

  2. Off topic.....I am so sad to hear what happened in your beautiful city today. I cannot understand it. I can't fathom such meanness and hatered. I hope you and your entire family are safe and are sticking close to one another. I am heartsick. Hug your furry burries and each other a little tighter, say kind words to others and know you are being thought of today. (Dig Wendolyn out from under something and give her a big hug too, just b'cuz ;)
    hugs and prayers, Anne in Florida


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