Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Comedy" in Kenmore Square

Somebody with a junior-high level of humor and a roll of black tape monkeyed with the pedestrian signals in Kenmore Square:

I admit it took me more than one trip to Kenmore to register just what was screwy; I'm a daze as I rush to my twice-weekly physical therapy appointments. For a day or two, I vaguely thought that the signals looked odd but that's as far as I got. So the joke was on me...  and surely countless others who are also on autopilot as we cruise our familiar neighborhoods. 

But it's been a while now, and the joke is officially old and boring, so it's time the signals were fixed. I contacted the Mayor's Live Chat "Citzens Connect" line, and got a quick response. They were aware of the situation and are sending someone to take care of it. In time for Marathon Day, I wonder? I'll be heading over there again on Tuesday and will try to pay attention.

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