Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Beginning to be Over

After a terrible, unreal week and a long, suspenseful day, we know that the bombing suspect is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital, to our great relief. Like everyone else in Greater Boston, we've been glued to the TV, which we hadn't turned on since the last episode of Downton Abbey.  The cats couldn't figure out what we were up to, but they were happy to curl up with us.

We went for a walk this evening, after we heard we were allowed to go out. Everyone in Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, and surrounding areas had been ordered to stay inside since early this morning. (People grew so bored that they were driven to such extremes as housecleaning — I could see it from my windows. I was on the verge of polishing some brass myself, but tackled a pile of New Yorkers instead.)

Back Bay's streets were still quiet after the ban was lifted; the blooming magnolias filled Commonwealth Avenue with their sweetness. The wind was freshening and it looked like rain. On Charles Street, I overheard someone on a cell phone say, "They got him?" so we ducked into a pizza place with a TV. We made our way home listening to the radio, and glued ourselves to the TV for a few more hours, until it was over.

Thank you all, for reading these posts and for your thoughts and comforting words for us and our city. We've all just seen shocking evil and great heroism, moments of terror and of courage, strength, and grace. Let's hope the healing can begin now.

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