Monday, April 1, 2013

March Fool

Yesterday, I was at Petit Robert, having brunch with my husband and our weekend guest. As usual, it was all white table linens and casual elegance, although my husband and I chose our usual, messy, downscale entrée: their "Parisian" hot dog. This is served on a crispy, crumbly baguette with a thick slab of melted cheese, and salad and pommes frites on the side. We like mayonnaise with our fries, the French way.

For dessert, we shared a plate of French cookies. I made an important discovery: Do not attempt to "unscrew" a macaron. It may look like a sandwich cookie, but you must not treat a macaron like an Oreo. As I did. If you try to twist it apart with any degree of energy, it will explode in the air and land mostly on the floor at a distance, while leaving sticky remnants all over you and those near you.

If you are going to try to unscrew your macaron against my advice, don't shriek when it explodes. As I did. Try to keep your poise and avoid making even more of a spectacle of yourself. It will only make the memories worse later on — as you relive the scene again and again in the watches of the night — if half of the restaurant has turned to stare quietly at you and those large flakes of cookie sticking to your sweater and hair.

Have received that much comedic attention yesterday, I decided I could blow off April Fool's Day.  

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