Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Wendy

Either Miss Wendelina Pantherina was flattered to hear that she has fans out in the Blogosphere or she was relieved that we'd sent off our tax returns (more likely, since she's such a worrier) — she allowed me to take more photographs of her in the past few days. We think she is an uncommonly pretty cat and it's nice to see her being decorative instead of consorting with the dust bunnies under the bed.


  1. What a pretty girl!!!

  2. The little fawn colored patch on her chin is perfectly placed to suggest an expression of surprise, as if she might be saying "Oh!". Tis charming!

  3. Thank you from us both!

    When Wendy arrived, she didn't have that cute patch, which grew in with her adult coat. At first we thought it was tunafish, and kept scrubbing it. Possum also grew a tabby-colored patch under his chin as a teenager; when it started to appear, we raced him to the vet for an exam, to be it wasn't more ringworm. Our vet stared at it under a magnifier for awhile and said, "It's pigment." We were so relieved. Those were the days...

  4. Oh, tell Wendy how long and lovely her whiskers are!



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