Friday, April 12, 2013

New Toys

Yesterday, our friendly UPS person brought two toys for the cats, the Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit  and the Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit. I was interested in these because the kittens really enjoy smacking the ball in the round, boring track of their Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy. These toys are both more complex sets of track modules that contain balls, and they can be joined together in different arrangements to keep it interesting. Toys like this fit nicely under our coffee table, so they aren't underfoot, and they can slide under the sofa when we have guests who aren't cat people. (Which is never.)

What clinched the purchase was the image of this overstimulated kitten on the front of one of the boxes:

I'm sorry to report that none of our foursome was that into their new circuit toy, but there was adequate curiosity and a satisfactory amount of play:

Harris settles in patiently for what he thinks will be a long assembly process; he knows I hate to read directions.

Possum went all helicopter-parent on me, worrying about safety. I reassured him.

All three boys inspect my first track, which combined both sets into a double loop.
 Harris most enjoyed knocking around the end pieces that I didn't use.

Harris and Toffee completed their pre-flight examination, which included a taste test from Harris. 
Plastic — yum!

Let 'er roll... the flashing red ball is enticing and challenging to smack around the track, which has a series
of gentle hills and valleys.

Toffee settled in for another play session this morning.

Wendy is interested in the track but is too shy to play with it. I hope she'll get over that in time.

I try to read reviews before I buy anything new, and I found dozens from helpful cat people on Amazon. So I knew that, while this toy was a hit with most cats, it was too advanced for others, and that the openings were too small for some bigger cats' paws. I knew we wouldn't have those issues; we have smart cats with dainty paws. But there IS a problem: it's hard to find the ball in the track when it isn't flashing. I have trouble spotting it, and so do the cats, who have shorter attention spans. So I'm going to remove some of those blue track covers to see if that helps. Most likely the ball will disappear, but life's a risky business.

If the toy still doesn't make anybody resemble that crazy kitten, I might donate it to a shelter and get us a few of these Turbo Track sets, by Bergan, who makes the round track with the scratching pad that the cats all love.

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