Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recent Adorableness

Little Harris is much easier to photograph than Toffee. He seems to understand the concept of posing, whereas most of my photos of Toffee are blurry or show him turned away from the camera.

Harris had a vicious encounter with Da Bird recently, with growling and snapping of teeth that he let me document:

Then he sat for a formal portrait, worthy of the title that Possum bought obtained for him: "Baron von Greywacke." Or, as we prefer to call him, "Pixie Face."

Toffee didn't have as much fun with Da Bird and he doesn't have or want a title. He just wants to chew on things, like old, dirty logs in the fireplace. He can reach them since he broke the rickety fireplace screen. We've had to cover them with an old bath towel to keep him from eating splinters.

He also wishes his fur would grow longer, to match his fouffy tail. Here you can see him concentrating on making his ruff grow:

I've started calling him "Mr. Bouffant" since his tail resembles a teased ponytail from the '60s. It's bigger than Wendy's now — which I thought was impossible. My husband doesn't care for Toffee's new nickname so he's welcome to come up with something better. (We also call him "Toffeepot," or "Pot" for short, which is awful. Toffee deserves a more fabulous name.)

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  1. Awww! Harris was a very good poser here, too. I think he's part model.

    He looks wonderful, happy and healthy. It does my heart good to see everyone doing so well.



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