Friday, April 5, 2013

Taxes Really Done... Just About

We filed our federal and Massachusetts returns and that's a relief. But Pennsylvania, which should be simple, always turns into a headache that can drag on for days. I had to make my annual phone call to my brother for help — even though I tell myself each year that I'm going to figure it out myself and not be the helpless baby sister. He and I need to fill out our returns the same way since we both live out of state and own the same property. We pay accountants to some of the bookkeeping; they even fill out tax forms and worksheets for us to copy. But despite all that hand-holding, the instructions inevitably confuse me. I guess you need to live in PA to understand their system. So I had to make the call.

While I was on the phone, Harris and Toffee tried to be helpful. Being August babies, they did not exist during tax season last year, so it was exciting for them. I think they expected another Christmas tree, or some tax-related equivalent. They had to settle for my pen.

My tax returns are all finished now... but I still have to remember to take it to the mailbox.

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  1. I adore these two! (and Possum! Wendy reminds me of my parents' last cat) Perhaps they were thinking of Christmas cards/letters?



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