Friday, May 24, 2013

A Robe to Live In

You are probably relieved that I haven't been posting as frequently lately. It's not because I'm out of ideas, or because the Four Housecats of the Apocalypse are less amusing. It's because my camera is still in the shop. So I can't document Harris, swinging from the curtains. Or Toffee, who seems to be getting fluffier.

While I ponder a replacement camera, I've been enjoying my new Garnet Hill Ruffled Wrap Robe ($78). I spend far, far more time in bathrobes than in winter coats. Yet I'll pay much, much more for a coat, even though I expect my robes to look as good and to last at least as many years. So I realized that spending a little more for a good robe is a sensible decision.

My previous summer robe was a disaster. It was a kimono wrap style in flimsy cotton. Kimono sleeves are an epic design failure in my opinion. The robe's sleeve openings ended just above my waist. So, whenever I'd move my arms, the sleeves would pull the whole robe up above the sash. Then the front would fall open and start unwrapping... it was maddening. Kimono sleeves are a terrible choice if you aren't a geisha who does nothing but stand around. (Those sleeves were always getting caught on cabinet knobs and the keys in our glass-front bookcases, too.)

I worried that my new robe might behave in similarly annoying ways, since it doesn't have any inside ties to secure it. But it's been great. It's a soft, cozy, cotton-cashmere knit, and the sweatery texture keeps it from shifting or unwrapping after I've tied it. The sleeves aren't long enough to get in the way when I'm working or baking, and there's enough fabric in the front to overlap modestly (although I wouldn't wear it alone outside....).

As you can see, it is also not frumpy, as so many robes are. On me, it looks a lot like it does on the model — much to my surprise. A robe should be flattering, especially if you're hanging around in it for hours every day. So I consider it worth $78, but since I'm instinctively cheap, I waited for a 25%-off sale with free shipping — a periodic deal for GH's Facebook fans.

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  1. I had to let you know about my recent camera purchase. I have never owned an Olympus camera before but the sale price and the salesman sold me. I am SO HAPPY with this camera!! It is a Stylus SZ-15. I love this camera. I have been poaying with it now for a weeka nd am still giddy over the cool stuff. The macro super close up is what is really making my day (my old camera, handed down to my daughter(9) couldn;t do real close up work. This one can) May be something you could look at in the store just for haha's. I could not be happier.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
    Oh, and glad Toffee is re-flufing. That must have been his little kid coat being shed off. Happy Memorial Day.


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