Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back Bay Wildlife

I almost stepped on this little guy (girl?) on Beacon Street today, near Charlesgate. He was tiny — even smaller than his chocolate-caramel-pecan siblings, the only species I generally study. He was heading into the street, which I considered a bad idea. He wasn't making much progress, so I had time to figure out what to do.

There were a lot of runners passing by; it was likely he would get squashed on or run over if he wasn't relocated. Bringing him home to meet the cats flashed through my mind for maybe a second; they have never mentioned any interest in amphibians reptiles, although the kittens have more scientific curiosity than Possum or Wendy. But I didn't see that scenario ending well. 

Finally, I picked him up and carried him to some green weeds under a rosebush, not far from the Muddy River. A goose couple with five goslings hangs out there sometimes, but they weren't around. I figured he'd be safe and have some options, since he was within smelling distance of the water. 

Note: I should know my reptiles from my amphibians; sorry. I really only spend time with the chocolate kind.


  1. That looks like a young female snapping turtle. They leave the water once a year to lay eggs. It's egg laying season right now. It's actually a reptile. Frogs are amphibians.

  2. Thanks for saving the little critter!


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