Friday, May 17, 2013

Slimming Down Possum

My husband got on the scale today, with and without Possum. While I will not comment on what my husband weighs, I can tell you that we were surprised to learn that Possum weighs 14.3 pounds, if our scale is accurate. (Afterward, Harris got on the scale all by himself, being a model citizen. He weighs 8.4 pounds.)

When Possum had his last weigh-in at the vet in mid January, he was 16 pounds. We were told he was a pound and a half overweight. So now he is at his "ideal" weight, if our scale is accurate. I think we will take him for another weigh-in at the vet one of these days, just to be sure.

His weight loss is a testament to our new canned, high-protein, low-carb, grain-free diet. All four cats are thriving on it. No one has digestive problems (click here for a cute photo of our exploding, nameless kitten). We see less than one hairball a month; everyone has a remarkably silky, soft coat, and there's hardly anything solid or very smelly in the litter box. I know that raw food is supposed to be superior to canned, but we're clearly doing much better than we had been. 

Eliminating dry food and carbs is indeed the way to slim down a tubby tabby. We know Wendy is thinner; we can see it. She looks great now; before, she was barrel-shaped when we looked down at her as she was standing. Now she has a "waist."

Possum on the other hand, still looks rather rotund. He looks like his coat is too big for him. He still has his big "lion paunch," which may never go away no matter how skinny he gets, I guess. But he doesn't have as much upholstery under his coat. I feel muscles and bones now, not just flab.

A recent photo. Does he look svelte?

I've been trying to photograph him from above but he keeps sitting down. I'll keep trying. But I had to send my camera to Canon today after it developed another "lens error" problem exactly six months after the it broke the first time, in November. This is a known issue with Canon S100s, and I KNEW it would happen to me. Then I read that repaired cameras were breaking again, and I KNEW that would happen to me, too. So I'll be using my iPhone for the foreseeable, while trying to be grateful that the Canon didn't break when we were in England. My next camera will not be a Canon.

Here are some older photos of Possum from 2010 and 2011 for you to compare with the photo above. I see some degree of difference; do you?

With a chunkier Wendy.

In this recent photo with Harris, there does seem to be a bit less of that adorable, pink and white Possum belly.

I'll keep trying to get a photo of Possum taken from above. He must be thinner — it's certainly less of a painful shock whenever he jumps on me and walks around when I'm sleeping.

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  1. Lookin' good Possum! You are one handsome man Sir Crossy Paws.


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