Friday, May 3, 2013

Having a Great Time

Just popping in to let you know we haven't been flattened by any of the many people here who insist on driving on the wrong side of the road. I gently pointed out this error to our first bus driver, a memorable, gray-bearded fellow named Steve, who had us in hysterics with his welcome speech although the details escape me now (jet lag).  He brightened up when I told him about it and apologized, saying that it seemed to be an epidemic, and that he's noticed the same issue when he drives in Paris.

In other news: we've seen only one cat so far, and she was in the absolutely amazing Dennis Severs House, glossy black and sitting so perfectly perched and still that it took us awhile to determine that she wasn't taxidermy. Since one isn't supposed to touch anything, or even speak, we hesitated to pet her but finally couldn't resist, cat-deprived as we were. A nice time was had by all.

We still haven't eaten in a pub so that's on today's list.  I'd like to get to about three today to make up for lost time. We had breakfast yesterday at Paul, which is a favorite of ours in Paris. Sharing a sandwich mixte and a tarte au sucre (I ate a cinnamon roll, or escargot, myself), we nearly convinced ourselves we were in St Germain, not the King's Road. Jet lag can make traveling even more interesting... as long as you remember to look both ways at intersections.

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  1. You realize that at this very moment Toffee is on the kitchen counter bathing his nether regions, simply because he can! He hopes you are having a good time as well.


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