Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hot and Cold

If you were wondering why the temperature in Boston suddenly dropped about 20 degrees this afternoon (the "real-feel" difference was more like 30 degrees), it's all my fault: I decided to pack away our winter clothing and bring out our summer things. The weather inevitably takes a turn for the worse each year on the day I tackle this tiresome chore, so I aim to do it during an early heatwave whenever possible; I know I can start a cooling trend all by myself. But I surprised even myself today — my effect on this afternoon's weather was quite dramatic. I didn't pack away all of our woolens and turtlenecks, or it might be snowing now.

The kittens were terrifically helpful to me as I worked, as you can imagine. They excel at lying on, or burrowing under, whatever I'm attempting to fold. Harris likes to eat dry-cleaning bags, while Toffee climbed into an unzipped garment bag, hanging on a doorknob, and was almost put away with my winter skirts. I knew my skirt bag was cumbersome and heavy, but not THAT heavy.

I can't believe it's nearly Memorial Day. This will be the fourth summer that we will be house-hunting and hoping for a little garden of our own. I'm also hoping we find a place with enough closet space so I don't have to pack away half of our of clothing into storage twice a year. Wishful thinking....

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