Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Critters in Back Bay

On my way to vote this afternoon, I met these fellas on Newbury Street:

This little porker is a "Teacup Pig." As you can tell, he has a big personality in addition to being handsome and beautifully groomed. He's fully grown and he uses a litter box. He was trotting around on his cute pink trotters, squealing and attracting attention until a fire engine siren upset him. Then he needed to be held. Technically, he is not  a"Back Bay pig" because he lives in Mission Hill. But that still makes him a neighbor, and I hope to see more of him around here.

I'm less happy about the neighbor, or ex-neighbor, who left a bowl with tropical fish and a bag of equipment on the curb outside 458 Beacon Street (between Mass Ave. and Hereford). I still only have my iPhone camera but you can see there are at least six fish: 

We spotted this around 8 o'clock tonight. I know nothing about fish (although I live with four enthusiastic ichthyologists who would love to get their paws on study them). I hope someone with an aquarium comes along and rescues them.

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