Saturday, May 11, 2013


We're still wondering who ate the 6-inch, clear rubber hairband that our cat sitter lost last weekend. She was only able to find an inch of it when she hunted, leaving 5 inches unaccounted for — and probably inside a kitten. Everyone seems fine, but I can't imagine it's okay to have that in any pussycat's digestive tract. Although both sitter and vet have relayed reassuring messages, I don't feel good about this, and will call later to discuss in person.

I suspect the hairband resides in one (or more) of these bellies.

And now my Japanese coaster has gone missing. It has been sitting on my desk for years; I can't remember if I used it for my tea yesterday morning, but I'm sure it was there the night before. It's a sturdy piece of woven raw silk, about 3-1/2" square, rust-colored. Not particularly edible... but you wouldn't think a long piece of rubber hairband would be, either.

Since I can't find either item, I keep hoping (and it's ridiculous, I know) that I'll find both squirreled away together somewhere. We know that Harris likes to drag socks around; maybe he has carried both of these items off to a secret lair.

But if it exists, his lair is pretty darn secret. I've been hunting high and low — mostly low. I vacuumed yesterday and used the crevice tool to get under the bookcases, radiators, fridge, and the wood stacked in the fireplaces. Then I checked all those areas with a flashlight. I went through the vacuum cleaner bag. (Ugh. There's always a disgusting wad that seems to be nothing but coarse, gray, dusty wool, and since we have no coarse, gray cats and no gray yarn at all in our carpets, I have no idea where it comes from. Another mystery.)

I moved almost everything that's stored under the bed. I checked closets, under the edges of carpets, between sofa cushions, and in wastebaskets and recycling bags.

If you've got any suggestions for more places I can look, please let me know. This is a small apartment. I'm out of ideas. I'm now reducing to praying to St. Anthony.

Speaking of mysteries, I'd love to know who was behind this, although I have narrowed down the suspects:


  1. Have you checked drain traps (sinks, shower, tub)? And how about inside heat or air vents either in the floor or low on the wall. I've watched my cat deliberately drop or push small items into a tight space and then attempt to retrieve them.

  2. Good thoughts. Our drains are all very small and we have steam radiators. I thought about the disposal, but we've run it since we've been back, so the hair thingy would have been churned up and washed away. But someone does like to put Wendy's favorite green snake toy in the sink....


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