Friday, May 31, 2013

Pleased with Possum

Possum went to the vet to be weighed yesterday. He resisted being put in his carrier. He felt it was undignified to travel that way. I told him that he had no choice, and that his struggles were even more undignified — his head, feet and rump kept flailing about and popping out as we tried to zip him in. I reminded him that he refers to his carrier as "his apartment" and loves to hang out in it most of the time. He said it was much more comfortable when it was unzipped and on the floor.

We wanted him weighed on our vet's scale because we couldn't believe what our own scale had declared, a 2-pound loss. But it's true: our scale is accurate and Possum is now at his target weight thanks to a high-protein, low-carbohydrate canned diet. He weighs 14.1 pounds (from a high of 17.5 when he was a little over a year old). Our vet seemed surprised and pleased.

The other cats eat the same amount and types of food as Possum, and all are thriving. Now we need to make sure Possum doesn't continue to lose weight. We will probably start giving him a Nature's Variety Instinct raw patty for his extra calories. Now we need to weigh Wendy (we're gathering our strength and moral courage). She may need more food, too.

I pointed out to the vet that Possum doesn't look dramatically different after losing 12 percent of his body weight (it's the equivalent of my losing 15 pounds, and I'd be pretty thin if I managed that). She said that some cats' skin doesn't shrink after they lose weight, or at least not right away.  His coat might eventually size down to match his body; let's hope so. I mentioned that his "lion pouch" (the saggy lower belly that even the big cats have) was as prominent as ever, swinging visibly from side to side whenever Possum moves faster than a walk. It's a bit embarrassing for him, I think, because it bumps into things. But the vet said that she had felt it and, although it's still quite noticeable, it's mostly loose skin now, not fat.

So our formerly flabby tabby is at a healthy weight, and we're very proud of him. And yet he still looks quite luxuriously upholstered, as you can see:

Now it seems it's our turn to lose some pounds. If only it were as simple as opening a few cans a day.


  1. Congratulations to all of you for this healthy turn of events. Possum, you are still beautiful and have more room in your carrier! That should make trips to the outside world much nicer

  2. What a beautiful luxurious, yet svelt young man! What food did you finally put he and the rest of the flock on?? I am curious.

  3. Anne, we're feeding the following four brands: Tiki Cat (chicken, chicken and egg flavors), Hounds and Gatos (chicken, lamb), Nature's Logic (rabbit, chicken), and Nature's Variety Instinct (lamb, duck). We feed one can of each brand per day, divided into four bowls, for maximum variety. I don't think any brand is perfect so we hope that mixing up lots of brands/flavors = more balanced nutrition.

  4. What a great smorgasboard your felines get! Did I see you mention that Toffee may be filling in his fluffies again? He may shed out the longer stuff each year (hopefully not each season, for your vacuums sake) Thank you for the input on the foods yo are serving.


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