Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Postcards from Oxford

We began our trip to England with two days in Oxford. My husband had business there, so I spent the first afternoon on my own, roaming the streets, admiring the various kinds of historic architecture, and trying not to get run over when crossing the streets.

Magpie Lane, on the way to the Ashmolean.

Henry VIII

A Constable landscape. The Ashmolean has a terrific paintings collection, with  many "familiar faces."

It seems there are more bicycles than cars in Oxford.

A picturesque house on the way to Keble College.

I had to visit Keble College, described by Ruskin as "a dinosaur in a fair-isle sweater."

A graceful entrance.

Scriptorum, a shop full of books and treasures.

 Oxford has Guerilla Knitters. This yarn-bombed fence surrounds the Radcliffe Camera.

The Camera itself, England's first circular library, finished in 1748.

Scary old academic architecture. I love it.

Oxford's Covered Market has everything you could want: excellent shoes, cat toys, fondant-covered cakes, rhubarb...

Real Tudor architecture rather than the pseudo-Tudor on this side of the pond.

And they also have a Waterstone's! We Bostonians only have our memories.


  1. Ah, Waterstone's - the best bookstore ever. I used to work right near there then, and how I loved that store. Sigh...

  2. I love the yarn-bombed fence, and I miss Waterstone's...


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