Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Guinea Pig Toy

I had high hopes for the mechanical guinea pig I found for the cats at Harrod's last week. I waited until they were all together and tired of their other toys before taking it out, pulling the string, and sending it scurrying in the direction of all four cats.

I think it's made in Germany, but it doesn't employ any super-duper German-cat-toy technology, as I'd imagined. I was expecting a few minutes of life-like rodent movements and maybe some squeaking. Instead, it makes a grinding noise as it wanders for about 18" and stops dead.

The cats were taken aback by it — for about 10 seconds. They were mildly intrigued and then tepidly concerned. What kind of animal can only move such a short distance while making that weird noise? It didn't seem healthy. Was it homesick? Had we neglected it?

Toffee and Wendy investigate with caution and then pity, wondering why
we brought them a guinea pig in such poor shape.  

Harris turned it over as Possum and Toffee looked on. He couldn't find a way to help the poor thing.

Then they politely ignored their new rodent; preferring that I didn't keep winding it up and torturing it further.

I reminded them that it was just a toy. Possum said, "THAT came from HARROD'S?
 Just bring us home some lutefisk from their Fish Hall next time, okay?" 
(I see that Possum has been perusing my guidebooks.)

 I can read Harris's thoughts sometimes: "Just get us a REAL guinea pig, please."

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  1. In the second photo I do believe I see Toffee licking his lips!



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