Monday, May 6, 2013


We're home. The cats are all pleased to have us and are doing well, although someone, probably Toffee, apparently ate one of the cat sitter's plastic hair ties, which he somehow got hold of. Since our sitter is a vet technician at our hospital, she called our vet and administered petroleum jelly to all three boys, as directed, to help it pass through. So we're waiting for new developments....

England was wonderful! We had a fabulous time... except for the flights, and especially the trip home. For more than two hours, a high-pitched, screaming baby expressed — on behalf of all of us in steerage World Traveller Class — the horror of our situation. I must be getting old, or soft: instead of being driven into a mad fury by the shrieking (there's a reason I never had kids), I felt philosophical along with my annoyance. I was also jealous, wishing I could express my own considerable discomfort as that baby was doing.

This morning, I'm still unpacking, doing laundry, processing photos, cleaning up messes, and all that rigamarole that needs doing after a trip of any length. I will post photos and highlights later, but first, a few observations, before I forget:

#1 Travel Rule I Always Forget: DON'T PACK TOO MUCH. Yes, it all fit in my suitcase, which was relatively easy to carry up and downstairs in the Underground. But bringing it all wasn't necessary. And it would have been nice to have more room for souvenirs.

Which leads to:

#2 Travel Rule I Always Forget: THE MORE YOU PACK, THE MORE YOU'LL NEED TO UNPACK. Such a waste of time, when will I ever learn?

Back to it.

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