Monday, May 6, 2013

Wendy, While We Were Away

In all the time our cat sitter has been taking care of our cats, she never saw Wendy in the open. Wendy hides when any human is around besides us. But last week, Wendy was spotted! She must not have realized the sitter was still around while the other cats were chowing down. So she came out and....

Moving slowly and carefully, our sitter managed to reach her phone to take this photo of our astonished calico, who was surely imagining that soon She Was Going To Die. (As Usual). 

We couldn't stop laughing when we received this in London. We kept taking our phones out to laugh at it again all day. Everyone who sees it thinks it's Photoshopped, but that is the real, unretouched Wendy. Our cat sitter did nothing to alter her image, and all I did was crop it. 

The LOL-cat opportunities are endless.


  1. Wary Wendy winces winningly.


  2. Wendy has her mouth open--was she meowing? (probably saying, "Please don't kill me!") And did she scurry away immediately after your sitter snapped that photo?


  3. Holly's momMay 7, 2013 at 9:24 AM

    Oh, I'm familiar with that look! It's usually followed by the 'belly slink' as Holly disappears to her hiding place when anyone other than myself comes through our door.


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