Sunday, June 9, 2013

Definitely Fluffing Out

I need to finish packing for our week in Maine, but I can't wrap my head around it right now. I'm following the packing list I always use for trips up there, which includes four swimsuits, since they take forever to dry and I sometimes wear two or three a day. I will then add other, last-minute items I suddenly feel I can't live without, as I habitually do — finishing up with a too-heavy, overpacked duffel full of stuff I don't need. I've already got three hats in there, for example. Assuming one gets soaked in the hot tub somehow, that's still one hat too many. I will also probably bring enough books and magazines to last a month, as I often do.

I need to get going, because we are going to lose power around 1 am (the neighborhood lost power for six hours this morning when the there was a problem at our substation again, and they plan to finish repairing it tonight). So I must be done with both packing and overpacking before I have to do it by candlelight. 

But first I have to show you Toffee's Fur Revolution (or is it Evolution?), definitely in progress:

Shorthaired Toffee's stripes are sharp and high-definition in April.

Toffee's coat is now more soft-focus or Impressionistic. He looks like a different, blurrier cat.

Time to go and force myself to remove a hat from my duffel. That will help make room for too many socks and tees...

But wait! Speaking of socks, look at how cute his little feet are:

Cat feet: what's not to love?

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  1. LOVE!!! little kitty toes! and what cute little ones they are!!


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