Monday, June 10, 2013


Harris is making it difficult for us to leave for Maine. He's so sweet and winsome that it hurts to leave him. We will miss Possum, Toffee, and Wendy something fierce, but Little Harris wins hands-down as the biggest heartbreaker. I know we'll spend lots of time (when we are supposed to be hiking up mountains and doing similar, state-parky things) sitting around, thinking about them and looking at their photos and movies. And, sigh, Harris and Toffee will be even bigger and more grown-up when we return.

He poses. He gets it. And the camera loves him.

Help! What scary beast is this?

Proud of himself for surprising me.

Here, he's posing ironically, trying to look like one of those starry-eyed ads 
in the back of Cat Fancy magazine for purebred show catteries.


  1. I sent a few pictures of Buttons to Robin to send along to you. Hope you have a wonderful, and dry, trip to Maine! Kelly

  2. Love the paws peeking out from under the couch! Gorgeous boy.

    *I know you occasionally post photos of the Back Bay - you may want to check out the George Washington statue at the Public Garden if you haven't seen it yet!



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