Monday, June 17, 2013

Home Again

We had another wonderful vacation in Maine and drove home through thunderstorms this afternoon.

The first thing I spotted as I came in the door (after Toffee and Harris) was a fresh hairball. Later, as I was unpacking, guess what else I stepped on?

The cats were delighted to see us... three of them, anyway. Wendy hid and even missed her supper. The kittens have a new chasing game that sends them both flying into the bathtub, where they wrestle. So I don't think they were bored and listless without human company.

I hope they will try some other craft projects the next time we go away, with different "natural" materials.

I'll begin to post my "postcards" from Maine and so on tomorrow. But here's a photo from this morning, as we cooked ourselves in the hot tub and cooled off in the heated pool for a few final hours:

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