Thursday, June 20, 2013

Postcards from Maine: Black is Beautiful

I wish we could bring our cats to Maine; we miss them so. We spent a lot of time on this trip, as usual, watching little iPhone movies of them and gazing at their photos as we sat around, ignoring the beauties of nature and other lovely surroundings.

Anyway, my husband and I are always thrilled to meet a cat up there, and we encountered two on this trip. One was a brown tabby we found in the middle of our street as we walked back from dinner in the dark. We don't have photos of him. He often sits in the street, according to a neighbor who watched us from her porch. There was nothing I could do but give him a brief lecture on safety.

On another day, we were startled by a rowdy black cat tearing around in a small side garden on the main street in Northeast Harbor. He was a friendly fellow:

Although many people consider solid black cats to be a bit common, or even boring, I am intrigued by their fur. Their coats are often silky and glossy in some areas and velvety-dense in others. They strike me as sophisticated and expensive-looking, and often have flamboyant personalities to match.

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  1. I just adopted a black cat with five white hairs on her chest, the rest glossy black -- incredibly soft smooth fur, she is like one of those plush stuffed-animal toys you could buy in the store. I named her Midnight Perry. She is 11 years old. I wanted to offer a home to an older pet because they can be harder to place. Nice blog -- I'll visit again.


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