Friday, June 21, 2013

Postcards from Maine: Southwest Harbor

When we're in Southwest Harbor, one of the town docks is practically in our backyard. I try to hang around down there at sunset in good weather — when the light is just right, it turns the sky and water pink. I didn't see a pink sunset on this trip, but there was a golden one:

From the town dock, it's a snap to take picturesque shots facing east. In that direction, the view is mostly sailboats, dinghies, docks, and a few lobster traps:  

But SWH is a working harbor — beyond pleasure boats, there's commercial fishing, lobstering, boat-building, and so on. So, to the west of the town dock, the view is not so charming: this rusty barge is permanently anchored right next door, and it gets in the way of my sunset shots:

About a half-mile further up the road, past the Coast Guard compound, to Beal's Lobster Pier, there are better views:

There are lots of other vantage points to take great harbor photos. But I usually choose to linger on "our" dock, in spite of that crane poking up through the colorful clouds. Southwest Harbor is wonderful to me, rusty barges included.

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